ScoreSense® Helps Customers Meet Financial Goals

We live in a fast-paced, consumer-driven culture. Buying and selling keeps our economy going. And for most consumers, using credit wisely keeps their households and their lives running.

One Technologies’ flagship product

ScoreSense® is a subscription-based product that provides customers with their personalized credit information and the insights to help them understand it, backed by live customer care representatives and credit specialists available by phone. Millions of consumers have trusted ScoreSense to track their credit score and help protect them from identity theft.

See What Lenders May See

Monthly Updates to your 3 credit scores and reports from all 3 bureaus show you where you stand.

Understand Your Scores

Credit Insights pinpoint what’s most affecting your scores, so you can make smarter decisions.

Know When Things Change

Daily Monitoring alerts you to suspicious activity that may pose a threat to your credit and identity.

Protect Your Money

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance helps offset the high cost of repair should identity thieves strike.*

To use credit wisely, people need information

What are their scores? What factors are influencing their scores? Are there errors in their credit reports? Is their identity safe? One Technologies builds products designed to give people the information they need, whenever they need it, helping them make more informed financial decisions.

Product Features

Focused on Customer Needs

Our product, ScoreSense®, is designed, developed, and tested with priority on our customers’ needs. With anytime, anywhere access, credit insights, personalized credit specialist help, and the latest credit alerts, we deliver credit knowledge that helps our customers no matter what their credit journey is.