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OTers Are Data Driven With a Purpose

onetechnologies — October 10, 2017

Decision making at One Technologies is serious business. And it doesn’t happen without knowing the facts.

“We’re a test and learn company,” Senior Manager of Consumer Analytics Misty Drake said. “What’s so great is that we’re able to test and see what the data says. The data leads us.”

Drake notes that the data her group produces is used in key business decisions, which contributes to a culture of respect that her group feels.

“The analysts provide great insight and recommendations, and for us to actually see the direction that the company is going based on that data is extremely rewarding,” she said. “We can see, ‘I helped find this. I helped set the tone or the direction that the company is going.’”

Senior Data Warehouse Developer Adam Seatts agrees about how rewarding his job is.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of this job at One Technologies is how much we rely on the data,” he said. “It’s more than just seeing how well we’re doing. It’s also using information about our customers to make the proper decisions to help provide that better product and that better experience. We look at the whole picture to try to deliver the best product.”

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

And the data starts with testing. Lissa Lenahan, senior manager, Optimization, appreciates the tests OT conducts and the integrity it brings to products, processes and customers.

“We test everything at One Technologies,” she said. “From our upstream, getting people to our enrollment path, our actual enrollment path, once they convert and they’re in our product, call center, mobile app, absolutely everything. We even test new platforms that we bring on. If a third party has told us how great something is, we want to test it and make sure it truly is better than what we currently have.”

Ensuring the tests are run properly? OT has a statistics team, an analytics team, as well as proprietary statistical calculators that analysts use to make sure that any differences we see are truly statistical significant differences before implementation.

“We run all of our tests to a statistically significant threshold so that we know with a high level of confidence that if we find something that’s a winner, it truly is a winner,” Lenahan said. “The statistical and quantitative analyses that go along with that just make sure that we are implementing what is the best thing.”


Creative Director of Product Strategy Ray Hernandez shared that even the design process is test-oriented.

“We start with a sketch and ideas to try and solve a problem,” he said. “We get real feedback from people outside of the company, where they’ll say, ‘I hate that,’ ‘This color is horrible,’ ‘I don’t understand what you’re asking me do.’ We take all of that feedback, we make revisions and we do it again until anyone can understand the product that we’re designing.”

Decisions Based on Data, not Leadership Whims

Senior Program Manager Heidi Chen, who works with new hires during onboarding, finds that data-driven decisions are refreshing to that group. The company isn’t run by a few people sitting alone in a room.

“We have a rhyme or reason for doing things and new hires find it refreshing to know that we don’t make decisions based on what the CEO feels like doing that day,” she said. “It’s made by points that yield the same results from anybody reading them. It’s black or white because decisions are made from the numbers here.”

And that sits well with the people responsible for producing them.

Seatts said, “I feel a direct link to the success of the organization.”

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