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One Technologies Fights Hunger with Service, Canned Food Drive

onetechnologies — March 21, 2018

Teams from across One Technologies descended upon Minnie’s Food Pantry throughout February to lend a hand in the fight against hunger during National Canned Food Month. From sorting pallets, stocking shelves and assembling food boxes to greeting families and carrying food out to cars, One Tech rolled up its collective sleeves to help feed North Texas families in need.

By the end of February, 34 dedicated One Tech employees had provided 17,877 meals and served 21,451 pounds of food to 849 people and 361 families through the Plano-based nonprofit organization, which is 100 percent people- and community-funded.

“I am delighted that One Technologies continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to fight hunger in our community,” said Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson, Founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry. “I truly appreciate One Technologies’ acts of kindness and continual support through hosting food drives and enabling their employees to take time away from work to volunteer at Minnie’s.”

For Sudha Sundaram, Senior Project Manager at One Technologies, getting to volunteer regularly with her fellow One Tekkers is one of the company perks she appreciates the most.

“This was my second year helping and I just love it. At the beginning of the day, they assign tasks and set goals for us to accomplish as a group and get us really pumped up and excited to make a difference,”  Sundaram said. ‘My group sorted and organized the donated food. We were taught to be meticulous in inspecting all the canned and packaged items for dents, expiration dates or anything that compromises the integrity of what they serve.”

“We quickly learned the Minnie’s mantra – ‘If you wouldn’t serve it to your family, we won’t serve it to our families’ – and it really sticks with you,” Sundaram said. “I think about my own family and how fortunate we are. I’m grateful to be able to help and will keep going back. It feels like Karma calling.”

When totally stocked, Minnie’s Food Pantry provides up to 50 pounds of food for each family they serve across North Texas. One Tech staffers made individual donations this year that topped last year’s efforts.

“We introduced a company-wide chili cook-off in 2017 to spark awareness and donations for our One Tech food drive, which benefits Minnie’s Food Pantry for National Canned Food Month in February,” said Rozan Chisholm, a Technical Writer at One Technologies. “It worked so well, we decided to do it again, with amazing results. Our food donations increased from 55.6 pounds after last year’s cook-off to 255 pounds this year.”

It was the first time to volunteer at Minnie’s for Keith Saddoris, Senior Business Analyst at One Technologies, and it made a lasting impression.

“I have to say it was a tremendous experience,” Saddoris said. “Not only is Minnie’s an amazing place because of what they do and how well they do it – and with no government assistance – but you won’t find better people anywhere.”

“They make everyone feel so welcome and valued, from the volunteers to the people they serve,” Saddoris explained. “My assignment was to help clients carry their food items out to their cars. This has got to be the best job you can have as a Minnie’s volunteer. I got to interact with people in the community and see how important this service is to their families. I heard personal stories from several of the folks I helped out – and even got a couple of hugs. I’m grateful to One Tech for encouraging us to take time out of a workday to help others. And I’m excited to do it again!”