Life at OT

No Divas Allowed at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 15, 2017

Glass walls. Glass doors that are rarely closed. A shared coffee station. One goal. No Divas.

“Coming to OT, the first thing that struck me was the fabulous onboarding program that Heidi Chen does,” Sudha Sundaram, senior project manager said. “Our team completely welcomes you, gives you a complete overview of what this whole company is all about, what the culture is about. OT gives you the opportunity to interact with all people who work here, even if you don’t directly work together.”

Collaboration is serious business at One Technologies, and leadership invests to ensure it happens daily, in the office and when offsite.

“We’re three floors in this building, but we have one coffee station,” Vice President and Chief Technology Office Richard Bonazzoli said. “That is done by design so that everyone comes down in the morning to say hello to each other as we get coffee.”

Wesley Perine, a customer care trainer echoed his appreciation in the way the office space is set up for collaboration.

“We have glass windows and glass doors, so there really is no hiding from anybody,” he said. “You can walk up to any desk at any time to ask any question and you get the respect that you deserve.”

Craig Airitam, director, Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy sees how important the No Divas policy is. The knowledge that new ideas are welcome and accepted, even if they aren’t necessarily within one’s domain or area of expertise, spurred him to pursue a Marketing enhancement.

“We have online webpages,” Airitam said. “We take names and addresses and things like that and at one time, we didn’t have a mechanism to guess a person’s address, the way a Google search box these days starts filling it in.”

Knowing that was an opportunity for a better customer experience, Airitam started talking to his colleagues in Marketing.

“I started noodling around, doing some research and brought that information back to Marketing,” he said. “We actually brought it from concept to market.”

The experience reinforced his ability to talk to anyone at OT, to share ideas that can help the company even if they’re outside of IT, where he works.

Adam Seatts, senior data warehouse developer, has had similar experiences to Airitam.

“Sometimes I’m not the one to actually run with an idea I have,” he said. “Sometimes I pitch the idea and other folks take action on it.”

There was a request for a centralized departmental portal for documentation for the data Seatts’ team manages. Leadership asked what was needed to enable the portal.

“I needed a few people and a chance to flesh out a plan,” he said. “I was allotted some hours and put the plan together. After fleshing out the plan, the people with the skillset I identified completed the project.”

Lissa Lenahan, senior manager, Optimization, is thankful she can learn from her colleagues as it helps her day-to-day.

“I know that if I have any question about anything, such as how does the html on this page work, I can walk up to a developer and they’ll take the time to explain it to me so that I understand,” she said. “It is the most collaborative culture I’ve ever been a part of. People are willing to go out of their way to help you, even when their plates are full. There really are no divas at OT.”