Life at OT

Learning Never Stops at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 9, 2017

When Ray Hernandez joined One Technologies as Creative Director, Product Strategy, he knew very little about finance and credit.

“When I got here, people took me under their wing and literally broke down every little detail of every different industry and showed me how they work,” he said. “Directors and VPs in every department can and will break down everything for you and teach you to expand your knowledge.”

Those lessons certainly made his job easier, but perhaps just as importantly, learning about credit and finance had positive impacts in his personal life as well.

“It was night and day for me,” Hernandez said. “Learning how to buy a house and how to get the best interest rate on a car was way over my head. Now I feel like I can educate somebody else.”

While informal coaching, like Hernandez experienced, happens daily, there are also several more structured learning and mentoring opportunities.

Misty Drake, senior manager, Consumer Analytics has enjoyed both individual contributor and manager training programs during her tenure at OT. She also participated in a mentoring program that proved invaluable to her professional growth.

“Our senior leadership and our executives take the time to sit down and mentor future leaders at OT,” she said. “I learned so much and was really impressed at how executives took the time to work with all levels of the business to ensure our success.”

Richard Bonazzoli, vice president and chief technology officer, participated as a mentor in the program.

“The primary goal was to improve the presentation skills of the person I was mentoring,” he said. “We spent a lot of time talking about that and going through some mock presentations that prepared the person for being in front of the whole company with a much larger presentation.”

Drake’s biggest takeaway from her experience as a mentee is that OT cares about our people and wants us to succeed.

Bonazzoli sees OT’s investments in its people paying dividends.

“OT has a culture of promotion from within,” he said. “We invest in people with tuition reimbursement programs and training. We also have a very vibrant application that we use for inhouse training here. It’s a focus of the company to have continuous growth in employee skills.”

While the formal programs are fantastic, Customer Care Trainer Wesley Perine especially appreciated an opportunity to share his skills with his colleagues.

“I had a chance to train our internal upper management team on proper facilitation techniques,” he said. “Sometimes people who are very detail oriented and into the numbers can have a hard time bringing their personality, energy and excitement to a presentation to keep the attention of their audience.”

Perine created training specific for that group and was thankful that his leadership knew he had the skill set to engage.

“To develop our leaders and help shape that skill set so that as a company, we can be more consistent with great presentations, was one of my most rewarding experiences at OT,” he said.