Get to Know One Technologies

For more than two decades, One Technologies has been driven by data, committed to staying curious, and harnessing the power of technology and analytics to continually improve the customer experience.

Company Story

One Technologies was founded in a San Francisco apartment in 2000 and moved to Dallas in 2003. Originally launched as a lead generation company, One Technologies began focusing on the consumer credit industry in 2006.

From the beginning, One Technologies has invested unreservedly in its strengths: technology, analytics, and most importantly, its people. The company has always harnessed the power of its strengths to make a difference for its customers.

In 2008, One Technologies launched its first consumer product, MyCreditHealth® and ScoreSense®, along with live Customer Care agents. By 2010, through ongoing testing and development, the company launched ScoreSense to offer consumers a robust experience to understand and interact with their credit profiles.

Our team has grown to more than 100 professionals, but still includes several employees who have been with us from the beginning. Their commitment and passion ensure that One Technologies’ original vision—of cutting-edge technology, analytics and a best-in-class customer experience—endures.


At One Technologies, every decision, every project, every day’s work is guided by our four core values:
Think Team

We prioritize team goals over personal goals, every time.

Stay Curious

We continually learn about the world and adjust based on what we’ve learned.

Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion

We value different perspectives, as they make us stronger.

Pursue Excellence

We are committed to improving ourselves, our team, and the quality of our customer experience.


Our executive team includes leaders with deep experience in guiding teams to accomplish big things, both in large multinational corporations and small boutique firms. They focus on hiring highly qualified, trustworthy people and inspiring them to do great work.


One Technologies is talent-rich, attracting many employees with deep experience in much larger companies. They choose One Technologies because they can make important contributions, collaborate with talented co-workers, and be empowered to grow and thrive.

Our talented professionals work across a broad spectrum of skills and operational areas, including:
Business Intelligence
Operational Analysis
Customer Care
Data Science
Enterprise Data Assets
Information Security
Insights and Analytics
IT Operations
Optimization and Testing
User Experience