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Celebrate Diversity: The Way of Life at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 19, 2017

Celebrate Diversity is a key tenant to working at One Technologies. While that celebration can mean something different to everyone, a common theme is that all people at OT celebrate diversity of thought in addition to cultural diversity.

Lissa Lenahan, senior manager of Optimization, particularly enjoys working with people whose backgrounds differ from hers.

“My team has a very diverse background in terms of where we’re from, how we think, but more importantly, our educational backgrounds,” she said. “We have people who majored in business and other teammates who majored in psychology. Both are great disciplines for AB Testing, and it really helps to have people who think very differently about our challenges.”

Part of why Lenahan’s team is able to take advantage of varying viewpoints is OT’s hiring process. The approach to hiring ensures new hires are bringing something new or different to the organization, while fulfilling the technical needs of the job. Heidi Chen is regularly involved in both interviewing and onboarding, and notes being open is a huge draw when evaluating candidates.

“We like people that are open. Open to learn and open to realizing you don’t have to feel like the smartest person in the room at all times,” she said. “If you’re willing to accept that there may be smarter people here than you are, you can get a lot out of being at OT.”

With groupthink out of the way, people can innovate with more approaches and theories being tested.

“Our CEO often speaks about gumbo,” Matt Sell, senior software engineer II, said. “All the different people are what makes OT special and it is the diversity that everyone brings to the table. We reap major benefits from our diversity.”

Misty Drake, a senior manager in Consumer Analytics, also loves the gumbo reference, and is thankful for how diversity at OT spurs healthy debate that tackles tough business challenges.

“I can count dozens of occasions where we have people from all different departments in a room debating a problem,” she said. “When we walk out of that room, we have come to consensus as a group and it wouldn’t be as strong of an idea had we come to a solution individually.”

Even with 20 years of experience, Senior Software Engineer II Varghese Pallathu has enjoyed learning new technologies from his colleagues.

“We have people with many years of experience, people coming out from college, people of different technical background,” Varghese Pallathu said.

Coming to OT opened his mind to working with other technologies, learning from recent college graduates who have expertise in emerging technology, while sharing his industry experience with them.

Adam Seatts noted that while diversity of thought is great, some of the minor ways OT encourages diversity are also appreciated.

“You’re free to be whatever it is you want to be,” he said. “There’s no judgment; the relaxed dress code, the casual environment with Snuggies and the freedom you have to put what you want on your desk make our team.”

“There’s nothing that OT does that forces diversity,” Seatts said. “The diversity is just naturally organic and it grows.”