Life at OT

At One Technologies: Real Support for Talented Technologists

onetechnologies — December 12, 2017

It’s not hard to understand why One Technologies has been honored by the Tech Titan Fast 50  and the Texas Technology Fast 500  for seven consecutive years.

OT gives technology staff much more than lip service: training and development, exposure to working on a wide variety of technologies and true work/life balance in an industry typically characterized as 24/7/365.

That support starts right at the top. Richard Bonazzoli, vice president and chief technology officer, noted that technologists have a true advocate on the leadership team.

“We listen to our tech staff,” Bonazzoli said. “Our tech staff brings a unique perspective to the company. With my previous background in technology, I understand where they’re coming from and being on senior staff, I can represent them.”

And the development team is at the forefront of constant improvement to products OT offers consumers.

“The best part of working at OT is that the product we code helps people improve their lives,” he said. “It makes a difference in how our customers view their credit and what they know about their credit. We have customers that once they better understand their credit, can significantly decrease their mortgage interest rates, for example.”

Varghese Pallathu, a Senior Software Engineer II, had 20 years of experience with Microsoft technologies when he joined OT. He has experienced the innovation Bonazolli mentioned firsthand since joining OT.

“I was very narrow to Microsoft,” he said. “But when I came to OT, I saw the leaders thought more openly and differently than I did.”

Pallathu decided to shift gears; he started to learn other technologies that have been used in companies like Facebook and Google.

“I expanded my horizons to other technologies, which I didn’t get a chance to do at other companies,” he said.

Learning wasn’t an individual task for Pallathu.

“We have pair programming to increase the knowledge of other developers,” he said. “When you don’t know a particular technology, you can pair with somebody to gain knowledge and move forward.”

Work Doesn’t Equal Life at OT

Innovation is not limited to the technology itself, but also to processes and the way in which deployments are handled.

“We do our deployments during the day. We have multiple technology zones which gives us the ability to roll out all the new code into a clone our production zone,” Senior Software Developer II Matt Sell said.

The process allows developers to work daytime, typical hours while maintaining a high performing technical infrastructure for customers.

“We test releases independently and then start filtering traffic,” Sell continued. “We drain traffic from the old zone to the new zone and it also gives us the capability if something goes wrong to easily swap back to the old zone without deploying new code.”

Currently, deployments occur every two weeks, however Software Development Lead Brett Bim shared that his team’s sights are set to speed that up to weekly, and eventually, daily.

“We’re not quite there yet, but we’re making real inroads,” Bim said. “Some of the new technology choices we’re making will enable faster deployment, so that once you commit code you know fairly quickly that it’s going to go to production.”

Sell echoed Bim’s thoughts as well.

“We want to continuously make our technology platforms better so that we can have higher quality deliverables,” he said. “We’d love to meet our customers’ needs even faster, while maintaining a balance of implementing on existing platforms and moving to the next generation platform.”