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Are You Feeling A Little Plucky?

onetechnologies — July 3, 2018

OT Marketing put on a wing eating contest, taking on all comers from throughout the company. See who came out on top as the OT Wing Champ!

Some Really Smart People

onetechnologies — April 30, 2018

Lissa Lenahan, director of optimization, says people make the culture special at OT and that diverse educational backgrounds helps in A/B testing. 

Learning Is Highly Prized

onetechnologies — March 30, 2018

Varghese Pallathu, a senior software engineer, talks about the value One Technologies places on learning.

Having Fun Fighting Hunger

onetechnologies — March 22, 2018

By the end of February, 34 dedicated One Tech employees had provided 17,877 meals and served 21,451 pounds of food to 849 people and 361 families through Minnie’s Pantry, a Plano-based nonprofit organization, which is 100 percent people- and community-funded.

Team Building Over Lunch

onetechnologies — February 15, 2018

One Technologies team members talk about the importance of lunch lotto and the impact it has on team building and morale.

Life Changing Products

onetechnologies — February 1, 2018

Ray Hernandez talks about how humbling it is to be a part of building products that can change people’s lives. He said he’s learned a lot about consumer credit while designing products at One Technologies.

Ready, Set, Go Have Fun!

onetechnologies — October 16, 2017

From outdoor contests to team trivia quizzes, One Technologies team members competed against each other in a summer day of fun.

Life at OT in 3 Words

onetechnologies — September 21, 2017

Team members describe everyday work life at OT.

Life at OT – The Developers’ View

onetechnologies — September 12, 2017

From a deployment process that gives more than lip service to a work/life balance to the “all for one, one for all” team culture, the One Tech development team talks about what inspires them to write their best code.

Life at OT – Think Team, Stay Curious and Celebrate Diversity

onetechnologies — September 11, 2017

The culture is the cornerstone of what makes working at One Tech one amazing ride. Every person contributes, every person influences – and uniqueness is celebrated. From spirited (often silly) competitions to altruistic endeavors to work that challenges and keeps us on our toes, here’s how we feel about life at OT.