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At One Technologies: Real Support for Talented Technologists

onetechnologies — December 12, 2017

It’s not hard to understand why One Technologies has been honored by the Tech Titan Fast 50  and the Texas Technology Fast 500  for seven consecutive years. OT gives technology staff much more than lip service: training and development, exposure to working on a wide variety of technologies and true work/life balance in an industry […]

Celebrate Diversity: The Way of Life at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 19, 2017

Celebrate Diversity is a key tenant to working at One Technologies. While that celebration can mean something different to everyone, a common theme is that all people at OT celebrate diversity of thought in addition to cultural diversity. Lissa Lenahan, senior manager of Optimization, particularly enjoys working with people whose backgrounds differ from hers. “My […]

No Divas Allowed at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 15, 2017

Collaboration is serious business at One Technologies. Leadership invests to ensure it happens daily, in the office and offsite.

Learning Never Stops at One Technologies

onetechnologies — November 9, 2017

One Technologies invests in its people with informal coaching and structured mentoring programs. It’s an investment that pays dividends.

Why Code for One Technologies?

onetechnologies — October 11, 2017

OTers are committed to building responsive, elegantly designed credit and security products that help consumers manage and protect their credit profile.

OTers Are Data Driven With a Purpose

onetechnologies — October 10, 2017

Decision making at One Technologies is serious business. And it doesn’t happen without knowing the facts.

One Technologies Gets Cookin’ To Fight Hunger

onetechnologies — June 13, 2017

In the OT Chili Cook-Off & Bake-Off, there were no teams. It was every crockpot, cake pan and muffin tin for itself. Twenty-seven daring OT team members put their culinary skills to the test for a shot at winning first, second or third place in the Chili, Bread or Dessert categories

One Tech Team Swaps Workdays for Good Work Days

onetechnologies — February 2, 2017

OT volunteer efforts at the North Texas Food Bank in May 2016 helped distribute 42,375 meals to senior and child programs, and our corporate financial donation provided an additional 90,000 meals to help feed the North Texas community.


Ready, Set, Go Have Fun!

onetechnologies — October 16, 2017

From outdoor contests to team trivia quizzes, One Technologies team members competed against each other in a summer day of fun.

Life at OT in 3 Words

onetechnologies — September 21, 2017

Team members describe everyday work life at OT.

Life at OT – The Developers’ View

onetechnologies — September 12, 2017

From a deployment process that gives more than lip service to a work/life balance to the “all for one, one for all” team culture, the One Tech development team talks about what inspires them to write their best code.

Life at OT – Think Team, Stay Curious and Celebrate Diversity

onetechnologies — September 11, 2017

The culture is the cornerstone of what makes working at One Tech one amazing ride. Every person contributes, every person influences – and uniqueness is celebrated. From spirited (often silly) competitions to altruistic endeavors to work that challenges and keeps us on our toes, here’s how we feel about life at OT.

BBQ Competition Heats Up Office Bragging Rights

onetechnologies — July 28, 2017

The competition was fierce, but friendly as One Technologies team members show off their barbecue, BBQ sides and dessert cooking skills in the first ever company BBQ contest. Here is a look back at the fun. 

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2017: Life at OT in Pictures

onetechnologies — January 16, 2018

With 2018 in full swing, we are looking back at One Technologies team events and the team members who made 2017 a great year.