FreeScore360 Guidelines and Creative

Below you will find FreeScore360’s marketing policies and guidelines as well as pre-approved and compliant email, PPV, and display creative.

All FreeScore360 policies and guidelines must be followed by all networks, partners, and publishers. Networks and publishers will be notified of violations and will be given an opportunity to resolve the violation before further action is taken.

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Publisher Resources:

Send creative approval requests to
Contact for any questions regarding these guidelines.

NOTE: Violations of these policies will result in pause of traffic and/or chargebacks of sales. FreeScore360 and One Technologies, LLC. reserve the right to take further action. This notification supersedes all other written or oral statements and will not limit any action that can or may be taken. Inaction by FreeScore360 and One Technologies, LLC. in no way serves as a waiver of its rights or remedies.